Van Garage – Phase 1

Our plan for the interior has been to frame all the sections of the van with 1″x 2″ whitewood strips. Then fix shiplap tongue and groove style panelling to these frame pieces. That being said, I figured we could cut our teeth on a section of the van where cosmetic look and feel don’t play […]

General Framing of Van Walls

Just putting this up here incase anyone else want’s to know exactly how some people fix the walls to their van and what sort of wood we used for framing our walls etc. For the majority of our framing, I’ve used 1″ x 2″ Whitewood. It’s pretty cheap and is definitely strong enough to be […]

Framing CR Laurence Van Window and Bed Area

*Afterword* Someone pointed out that the bed seems a little high and close to our window. We may end up lowering the cross 2x4s a little to allow our mattress to sit further in the bed frame. We need the maximum amount of bed space as possible! Especially since I’m 6’5″ and the van is […]

Floating Bed Frame – Promaster Van Bed

We haven’t really planned things out too much when it comes to the interior of our van. Basically, I just sit in the van for hours and try to visualize where things should go and how things should fit in. It’s not always productive, but this time I think we found the right way forward! […]