Downlight Wiring

We started our ceiling early because Addy’s Uncle, Rodger offered to help us make our custom cabinet for against the big wall/bed area. The cabinet will range from the floor all the way to the ceiling, so we wanted to get the first 3 tongue and groove pieces fixed in order to get an accurate […]

The First Big Wall!

This was one of those days when it feels like it’s all coming together. Our first major wall and insulation installation! For insulation, as mentioned, we’ve gone with 2 batts of Havelock Wool. This was our first big insulation installation and it was pretty dang easy. We used spray adhesive and string to hold it […]

Van Garage – Phase 1

Our plan for the interior has been to frame all the sections of the van with 1″x 2″ whitewood strips. Then fix shiplap tongue and groove style panelling to these frame pieces. That being said, I figured we could cut our teeth on a section of the van where cosmetic look and feel don’t play […]

General Framing of Van Walls

Just putting this up here incase anyone else want’s to know exactly how some people fix the walls to their van and what sort of wood we used for framing our walls etc. For the majority of our framing, I’ve used 1″ x 2″ Whitewood. It’s pretty cheap and is definitely strong enough to be […]

Framing CR Laurence Van Window and Bed Area

*Afterword* Someone pointed out that the bed seems a little high and close to our window. We may end up lowering the cross 2x4s a little to allow our mattress to sit further in the bed frame. We need the maximum amount of bed space as possible! Especially since I’m 6’5″ and the van is […]

Floating Bed Frame – Promaster Van Bed

We haven’t really planned things out too much when it comes to the interior of our van. Basically, I just sit in the van for hours and try to visualize where things should go and how things should fit in. It’s not always productive, but this time I think we found the right way forward! […]

CR Laurence Promaster Window Install

The last task before completing the structural changes to the van is our CR Laurence window. For Big Red, this was a necessity for a couple reasons. No other windows in the van (other than the driver & passenger) actually opened. We needed some opening for the MaxxAir Fan to pull through. The placement of […]

Maxx Air Fan Install – Promaster Van

Installing an Aircon or Extractor Fan is quite possibly the most daunting task in the journey to Vanlife.  You need to first be certain of the placement, ie. which section of your van you want the fan to be pulling air from. We debated whether we want it directly over our bed, or more over […]

Aluminess vs Prime Design vs Vantech Roof Rack Install on Promaster

Step By Step Install Pics & Videos Quick run down on what roof racks we went with and some of the alternatives that we considered. We decided on going with Vantech Racks after looking at options from Aluminess, Prime Design and one other local dealer. Heres the pricing breakdowns of all the options we looked […]

Sound Deadening and Sub-floor Installation

Today we installed the flooring in our Dodge Promaster. Our Sound-deadening material arrived on our door-step yesterday from Kimat. We ordered a box of it from Amazon for $59. One box was enough to do 1.5 layers on wheel arches and strips across the entire floor.  We took a trip to Lowes this morning to pick […]