CR Laurence Promaster Window Install

Cutting Promaster with Dremel Sparks
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The last task before completing the structural changes to the van is our CR Laurence window. For Big Red, this was a necessity for a couple reasons.

  • No other windows in the van (other than the driver & passenger) actually opened.
  • We needed some opening for the MaxxAir Fan to pull through.
  • The placement of the window will give us maximum headroom in our bed which runs the width of the van.

Installing the CR Laurence Promaster window seemed harder than it actually was.

For one, they provide ZERO instructions… which is kind of intimidating. There is very little resources that discuss using butyl tape or lap sealant etc. too. This kind of confused me at first as I thought it was necessary.

It turns out the only sealant needed is the rubber / foam inlay that comes preinstalled on the windows flange itself.

Let’s get cutting! Step by step instructions for installing CR Laurence Promaster window.

  1. Using a carpenter square and the bottom structural beam as a base, measure out your window rectangle. Don’t use a level, for obvious reasons.
  2. Use the window flange and trace the corners in with a pencil. 
  3. Using masking tape (blue tape) outline the entire window circumference.
  4. Cut the straight lines using a 4″ angle grinder with diamond cutting disk.
  5. Cut the rounded corners with a Dremel with metal discs (we used 3 small metal discs FYI) or Jig saw with sheet metal blade.
  6. File the metal edges and paint with rust resistant paint such as this.
  7. Fit the window unit in from the outside, make sure there are no major gaps or holes.
  8. From the inside, using a screw gun set to low resistance, fix the flange onto the window unit with the small black screws provided. Use the 2 long screws with plastic attachments to hold the screen onto the window.
  9. Vacuum every crevice to make sure there are no metal shavings. They will cause rust over time.

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