Floating Bed Frame – Promaster Van Bed

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We haven’t really planned things out too much when it comes to the interior of our van. Basically, I just sit in the van for hours and try to visualize where things should go and how things should fit in. It’s not always productive, but this time I think we found the right way forward!

Our mate, Solomon, came up with this idea for a floating bed frame that would be easy to remove if we ever needed to. Basically, it’s a 2×8 inch wood frame with these galvanized metal U Brackets made to hold 2×4’s in place to hole up our bed.

It’s a pretty simple install, the van has a structural support on either side around the same height we wanted our bed. It also has these pre-made holes in these supports that, BINGO, fit a sturdy bolt.

We started by cutting the 2×8 to the width of our bed space (+-50inches) inches) then marking and drilling where the holes lined up on the 2×8.

After that we fed a large bolt (can’t remember exact size) and large washer through the holes from the back of the support (helps if you have small hands nearby!).

Then simply fit the 2×8 over and tighten down with another washer and self lock nuts.

Addy doing the honours

Then it’s time to add the U Brackets and cut some 2×4’s to the length of our bed. We want to be able to remove the bed if needed, so we aren’t going to fix the 2×4’s in place. They are really sturdy and perfect just resting on these metal U Brackets.

Then, to finish off the outside 2×8’s, we used a corner joint metal bracket on the top and bottom of each outside corner. Once the big square was secured, it’s honestly so so strong. Each individual beam easily holds both of our weight and all of them together are sure to last for years of travel, bumps and ……..

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