Framing CR Laurence Van Window and Bed Area

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*Afterword* Someone pointed out that the bed seems a little high and close to our window. We may end up lowering the cross 2x4s a little to allow our mattress to sit further in the bed frame.

We need the maximum amount of bed space as possible! Especially since I’m 6’5″ and the van is only 6’4 wide in the bed area. Framing in the window and bed area’s walls had been keeping me up at night. I really wasn’t sure how to go about starting the process. I knew I wanted the whole side panel area to be as thin as possible while remaining well insulated. And also knew we wanted the window to be at head/foot level to maximise space or potentially stick our feet out of. Here’s what I ended up doing!

The frame of the window sticks out pretty much exactly 0.75 inches. That meant we could use 1″ x 2″ Whitewood strips (actual dims are 0.75″ X 1.5″) to frame it in, and then eventually screw our shiplap panelling into this as a support.

So I began creating the frame, simply by measuring the full width and height of the CR Laurence window frame. Then measured and cut 4 pieces of the white wood and used wood glue to bond them.

After letting the wood glue set overnight, we came back the next day and fitted the window frame.

Wait…. How are you supposed to fit this thing? Without screwing into (and through) the side of your van…

I opted to go for my childhood favourite and answer to most school projects, epoxy resin! It’s the bomb. Sticks like shit to an old toilet bowl and works on pretty much all surfaces. I picked up this JB Weld at Lowes for $15.

Mix two equal parts and start to apply to window frame immediately.

I coated the window edge only (NOT THE VAN WALL!) with this JB Weld epoxy. It hardens real fast, so you have to work quick. Once you’ve got a healthy amount on the black window frame, slide on the wood frame, press down on it and let it dry!

After fixing the window frame Addy went and sealed the wood with some 2 in one white primer / sealer. I’m terrified of mold and figured that might help these unseen pieces of wood in the long run? Who knows….

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