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Just putting this up here incase anyone else want’s to know exactly how some people fix the walls to their van and what sort of wood we used for framing our walls etc.

For the majority of our framing, I’ve used 1″ x 2″ Whitewood. It’s pretty cheap and is definitely strong enough to be used as a means of holding up our shiplap walls.

It’s also really easy to work with. A cordless jigsaw and mouse sander allows us to shape the wood to fit the weird curves of our Promaster Van.

Fine tuning the shape of each wooden brace / frame piece with a Jigsaw.
Fitting a trimmed 2×4 into the bed frame gap. Back to the Jigsaw for one final cut!

For us, it’s a constant run in and out of the van to fine tune all the structural wood to fit against the boy perfectly.

Securing these pieces of wood to the van is down to a matter of preference. I chose to go with 1/1.25″ Self Tapping Sheet Metal screws with a Phillips head. I recessed a small bore just a tad bit wider than these screw heads so that once the frame pieces are mounted, the screw heads are flush with the wood.

The self tapping scews will go through the van’s metal without too much effort. But I usually drill a pilot hole before just to help it along.

If all goes to plan, we will be mounting this tongue and groove style shiplap sheeting onto these framing pieces. Most of them you aren’t ever going to see since they are there for structural purposes. The frames that are exposed in the Van will be filled in with some sort of body filler at a later stage and sanded to perfection!

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