Maxx Air Fan Install – Promaster Van

Solar and Maxxair Complete
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Installing an Aircon or Extractor Fan is quite possibly the most daunting task in the journey to Vanlife. 

You need to first be certain of the placement, ie. which section of your van you want the fan to be pulling air from. We debated whether we want it directly over our bed, or more over the living area where we’d most likely end up cooking etc.

Eventually we were set on placing it toward the rear-middle of the van. Partly as it would give us airflow over both the bed and the living area, also because we had already fixed the solar panels and couldn’t really do much else… 

To make the initial cut, we called in the help of my mate Jeff, all round DIY Badass. I have only operated a grinder once back in highschool and wasn’t about to practice on Big Red!

Measure 5 times cut once!

Some tips on Maxx Air Fan Promaster Installs

  • We found the center beam and drilled a hole to use as our base point for measurement. 
  • The Promasters have one central rib, it makes it quite easy to find your center point.
  • The dimensions of the MaxxFan mean we could use the corrugation as our lengthwise cut line.
  • Triple check that you have enough space away from your support beam.

After the hole was cut, we checked that the fan fit before filing down the rough (sharp) edges. 

Then we painted the exposed metal edge with a rust protectant paint by Rustoleum.

Once the paint had dried, it was time for the most important part of the job… Waterproofing. We ordered a roll of butyl tape off Amazon when we got our Maxx Air Fan. This stuff is a pleasure to work with. As per multiple online tutorials we simply layered the deeper corrugated sections to become one big flush butyl tape rim.

The Maxxair Fan kit comes with multiple screws. The longer sheet metal screws are the ones used to fasten the opening down. Once the 14 sheet metal screws were fastened and the butyl tape oozes out the sides, we then sealed it all off with self leveling lap sealant.

We had the full crew out helping today and Solomon did the honors (see above caulking image).

Next Up is our CW Laurence window install. More cutting holes in the van…. welp!

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