Sound Deadening and Sub-floor Installation

Rolling Kilmat Sound Deadening Van Install
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Today we installed the flooring in our Dodge Promaster. Our Sound-deadening material arrived on our door-step yesterday from Kimat. We ordered a box of it from Amazon for $59. One box was enough to do 1.5 layers on wheel arches and strips across the entire floor. 

We took a trip to Lowes this morning to pick up some essentials for the installation… spray foam insulation, wallpaper rollers, and three 1/2 inch boards of Poly-iso insulation with an R value of 3.2 (sounds complicated, but they’re basically glorified Styrofoam boards). $49 was the total damage for that trip to Lowes.

We started by removing the plastic flooring from the van, which was a lot heavier than expected. This flooring came with the van and had been previously fit and cut to the van’s dimensions… It is some sort of composite fiber flooring. We then proceeded to cut and apply the Kilmat (adhesive Sound Deadening material) onto the wheel arches, as well as strips on the floor to absorb sound. Kilmat reached out to us on Instagram and advised that we clean all the surfaces with a degreaser to ensure proper application, so we picked up some Simple Green type stuff too.

Once we applied the Kilmat strips, we were ready to measure and cut the Poly-iso insulation boards to fit the flooring.

We used the manufactured plastic subfloor as a template for the Polyiso insulation board.

After getting the insulation boards settled in tight, we then put the large composite fiber flooring on top of everything to settle it down. 

Then we went walking around on the floor looking and listening for squeaky areas. Trimming back the Polyiso board in these areas so that we wouldn’t hear this annoyance when we would be driving around. This is CRUCIAL! If you’re doing a subfloor that uses a closed cell insulation like Polyiso, you have to make sure there are no sounds coming from it before installing your cabinetry.

Tomorrow, we plan to bolt it down. On top of this flooring, we intend on applying the laminate flooring that we purchased from Lowes. We still haven’t decided if it would be smarter to build the structures (i.e. the bed, kitchen, cupboards, storage areas) first, then lay the laminate flooring to fit these structures. Or if we must just lay all the laminate flooring first then build the structures onto it. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

We stopped by a ‘van converting’ warehouse in our town (DeLand Florida), called Custom Coach Creations. As you know, Big Red is….Red….and she gets HOT! So, ordinarily, we are definitely going to need to install a Maxx Air extractor fan or 2. Maybe even an AC unit if we up our solar capacity. Welp… We were quoted a steep amount of $625 for the installation, or $725 if we want a fancy remote to go with it. So… we might be installing an extractor fan ourselves. Which basically entails Aston using a jig-saw and angle grinder to slice a 2×3 hole into the ceiling of our brand new $28k van. Wish us luck.

Stay tuned for more from Big Red! 

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