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This was one of those days when it feels like it’s all coming together. Our first major wall and insulation installation!

For insulation, as mentioned, we’ve gone with 2 batts of Havelock Wool. This was our first big insulation installation and it was pretty dang easy. We used spray adhesive and string to hold it up.

Since we decided to go with a desk up against the wall opposite the sliding door, we started by installing one big piece of shiplap which we could then use to mount the support for our desk etc.

The hardest part about this is getting the correct shape to contour the metal supports of the van. We didn’t use a template, so it involved a lot of guesstimates and in and out the van to fine-tune the shape.

In the end, we learned a couple of important lessons.

  1. Take notes and images of where your support beams are located behind the wall.
  2. Rather make lots of small adjustments with a mouse or belt sander, than big ones with a Jig Saw…

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