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Our plan for the interior has been to frame all the sections of the van with 1″x 2″ whitewood strips. Then fix shiplap tongue and groove style panelling to these frame pieces. That being said, I figured we could cut our teeth on a section of the van where cosmetic look and feel don’t play a massive role. The Garage…

We went over to Lowes, again.

Found exactly what we’ve been looking for. This stuff seems like its the perfect panelling for the job! We want something that will handle moisture well.

We were advised against and decided not to go with the manufactured board like this, even though it’s cheaper and doesn’t require us to spend hours painting.

We measured the wheel arches as best as we could and cut to fit, leaving room for mounting onto either side where there was space on the metal body of the van.

For insulation, we’ve chosen to go all natural. We bought 60 pounds of Sheep wool and couldn’t be happier!

Havelock wool has a wealth of knowledge on their website about why normal insulation sucks for Van living. Although somewhat bias, we like the idea of using insulation we’d happily use as clothes.

The paneling is going to get mounted onto the van’s metal structure on either side and around the wheel arch flange, but what about the top? There is quite a large gap to the metal beam. So I attached one small framing piece of 1″ x 2″ to bridge the gap.

Then we placed the shiplap panelling and drilled in the self-tapping sheet metal screws to secure it in place.

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