Aluminess vs Prime Design vs Vantech Roof Rack Install on Promaster

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Step By Step Install Pics & Videos

Quick run down on what roof racks we went with and some of the alternatives that we considered. We decided on going with Vantech Racks after looking at options from Aluminess, Prime Design and one other local dealer.

Heres the pricing breakdowns of all the options we looked at.

Prime Design Alurack – $968.00 +tax

  • Simple industrial style rack that will be easy to mount solar on etc. Nothing fancy though. Also it only comes in silver (aluminum). And we would like something black.

Aluminess Touring Rack – $2800 +tax (+-$400 for shipping to Florida!!)

  • Quite possibly the coolest racks out there. They’re just very expensive… If money wasn’t an option we would have gone with these. They have this perforated flooring that makes for a great deck to walk about on. Also, for an extra $150 they will cut holes for your extractor fans based on where you need them.

At the end of the day we simply couldn’t justify spending that amount of money while there is a cheaper alternative that could potentially be even better than both the Aluminess and Prime Design racks. 


Que entry… Vantech! 

Vantech Racks for Promaster vans are $479.00 delivered to your door. They mount straight onto the factory fixing bolts already on your Promaster van.

The Aluminum racks have channels on the top and bottom which make it easy to add additional bolts and fix something like aluminum slats so that we can walk on top of the roof and fix our solar panels and much more!






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